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Cumbia Class

Learn the Rhythms of Cumbia Dance Lessons in Orange County

Cumbia is more than just steps - it celebrates life, culture, and community. This lively Latin dance is simple and easy to learn, which makes it one of the most beginner-friendly styles of dance.

With little help you can easily learn how to dance cumbia and master the steps. If you also want to master this exotic dance form, you're at the right place.

At RF Dance, We cater to all levels, from beginners to seasoned dancers. In a fun and supportive atmosphere, you’ll learn to move to the music, build confidence, and celebrate life through dance!

Join Us for Cumbia Dance Classes in Orange County

Learning Cumbia is possible for anyone who wishes to do so! Here at RF Dance classes, we're offering dynamic Cumbia dance lessons tailored to young and professional dancers in Orange County. Under the guidance of our passionate instructors, you'll master the infectious pulse of Cumbia in no time. Cumbia's infectious energy is guaranteed to add a fresh dimension to your dance repertoire, and don't worry if you don't have a partner to learn with.

The social atmosphere of our Cumbia dance classes is the perfect space to meet fellow dancers. Don't miss out – join us in this exuberant adventure of fun and excitement.

Master the Rhythm: Find the Best Cumbia Dance Lessons Near You!

Experience the lively energy of Cumbia, a popular dance found in Latin nightclubs worldwide! Cumbia began as a courtship dance within African communities in Mexico, Colombia, and Panama.

It evolved with European musical influences and became a dynamic dance that captivates dancers of all levels. Cumbia makes up at least 20% of the playlist at Latin clubs.

With our Cumbia Dance Lessons, you can join the dance floor and learn to move to the irresistible rhythm of Cumbia!

Ready to start dancing? Join us Today!

Join RF Dance’s cumbia dance classes and experience Cumbia's rich cultural heritage and irresistible beats. Explore the various cumbia dance variations and express yourself with confidence and enthusiasm.

Experienced and enthusiastic instructors at RF Dance will guide you to mastering footwork, expressive body isolations, and much more.

Don't wait—join RF Dance Academy; you won't regret it.


I had a great time at the RF Dance studio. The instructors taught the steps well and were flexible with timings. They made me feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor. The studio was spacious and clean, and the music was lively and upbeat. I learned so much about the cumbia dance. I would recommend this dance studio to anyone wanting to learn Cumbia dance. It was a wonderful experience!.


What is Cumbia dance and what makes it unique?

Cumbia is a Latin dance with roots in Colombia. It's a vibrant mix of cultures with lively rhythm and dynamic partner interactions.

Are your Cumbia dance classes suitable for beginners?

Yes! Our Cumbia classes are beginner-friendly. We break down the steps, our instructors are patient, and we focus on fun while building your Cumbia skills.

What can I expect from a typical Cumbia dance class?

Our Cumbia classes are all about fun and learning! We break down the basic Cumbia steps so you can groove to the music. We also teach how to add cool moves like hip sways and turns. We offer optional partners, too!

Do I need a partner to join the Cumbia dance classes?

No partner needed for Cumbia classes! We focus on solo skills with an optional partner for extra fun. Come solo, meet new people, and dance the Cumbia beat!.

What should I wear and bring to a Cumbia dance class?

Cumbia class essentials: comfy clothes like leggings, breathable tops, supportive shoes (sneakers or dance shoes), and a water bottle!.

Are there any prerequisites or dance experience required to join the classes?

No prior dance experience is necessary to join our classes. All levels are welcome!

Can I try a Cumbia dance class before committing to a full session?

Yes, absolutely! We offer trial Cumbia dance classes for those who want to experience our instruction before committing to a full session. Contact us to schedule your trial class today!