The OC's homegrown latin dance teams

Attention Men & Leads! Updated March 15, 2019

Watch Jen Silvas and the ladies of RF Dance send a special message to all the men/leads out there!

Jen Silvas and the Ladies of RF Dance
RF Men

The RF Men’s Team features a strong and expressive blend of modern Latin music and choreography.

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RF Ladies

Sassy yet classy, the RF Ladies Team shows off feminine energy and sensuality through music and choreography that gives a Latin feel with a modern twist.

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Rhythmic Fusion’s Teams are the heart and soul of Orange County’s Latin Dance community.

Whether it's your first time joining a dance team, or if you're a seasoned veteran - it will be an exciting, challenging, and enjoyable season. We aren't just your typical dance team, we are a family. We invest in you, the team, and the experience. Every year we try to strengthen our dance company by investing in each and every dancer's experience.